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Having NO PLAN has cost us tens of millions of dollars as well as creating hazardous conditions for both businesses and families. I support permanent solutions – The construction of navigation centers to provide a service first approach where there would be resources for mental health and drug rehab which would provide a pathway to affordable housing.

Police and Sheriff keep our homes, businesses and streets safe and they deserve a supervisor who boldly stands with them. I support fully funding our Public Safety agencies as the security of our community and families cannot be ignored.

San Joaquin County needs a supervisor with a proven record of creating and fighting for jobs. For 27 years my wife and I have built businesses and have created many rewarding careers for our local residents. I will use my experience to bring opportunities here to ensure our economic recovery will continue and our families will thrive.

A safe, reliable, sustainable water supply is vital for San Joaquin County. As county supervisor, I will work with our state and regional partners to increase water storage capacity. I will also upgrade water treatment facilities. I strongly OPPOSE any and all efforts to move more of our water to southern California. According to water resource officials, We already send them a million acre feet a day through the Pat Brown aqueduct! We need increased capacity – not schemes like the Twin Tunnels or a Single Tunnel proposal. I cannot be bought by wealthy Los Angeles land speculators and developers. Our water is our water.

San Joaquin County is special, but lately, our county is being recognized more for its bad news than its full but unrealized potential. I have lived here all my adult life. I graduated from Lincoln High School and I chose to live here because of our emerging potential with new job opportunities for residents and improved infrastructure. I will oppose the over saturation of cannabis dispensaries. While I’m not opposed to the use of cannabis I believe we should thoughtfully consider how the proliferation of dispensaries would limit land use for our children and families. San Joaquin County is OUR home. I will protect our quality of life.

The coronavirus pandemic turned the lives of millions of Americans upside down. It also exacerbated the trend of more and more Americans dealing with mental illness symptoms. My goal is to bring more resources to the San Joaquin County families and individuals struggling with mental illness and disabilities.


My name is Dino Ballin. I am not a career politician. I am a citizen who’s stepping up to fill a void in leadership and I’m ready to put in the hard work that is needed to improve San Joaquin County. Stockton should be the crown jewel of the central valley. We have it all – an airport, the west coast’s largest inland seaport, a world renowned private university, 1000 miles of beautiful waterways, the world’s greatest agriculture and much, much more! I would use these assets to attract industry and improve the image and reality of our city. As a family business operator I understand the importance of building a team, working well with others and preparing a responsible plan of action. After the COVID-19 crisis, San Joaquin County needs leaders with real world experience, who will work and fight for our community, not more career politicians looking for a promotion. Our families and residents deserve access to opportunity and a safe environment in which to live, work, grow and play. I’m proud to call San Joaquin County home and I will be honored to earn your vote.



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